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Glove Aftercare Guide 
At OYUKI our aim is to build you gloves that last. This is good for us, good for our customers and, best of all, good for our planet. Follow the tips below to ensure you get the most out of your product.

1. Replenish Waterproofing
All OYUKI’s premium goats skin leather gloves come with a Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather™ satchel conveniently attached. This produce replenishes the waterproofness of the gloves and is essential for prolonging the life of our leather products. We recommend adding Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather™ to your regular aftercare regimen.


For CSR and environmental credentials CLICK HERE

Nikwax products are SAFE to use. This water based, non toxic product uses no propellant gases and no fluorocarbons, making environmentally safe. By using Nikwax you can renew your gear and reduce the impact on the earth.

Re-waxing your gloves when they start to get worn is a great way to extend the life of your product. It is not suggested you wax them straight away as they come with a factory waterproofing, instead look for these signs that it is time to re-wax your gloves:

  • Leather starting to absorb water in spots or all over
  • Leather looking dry

Once you feel your glove needs cleaning and waxing follow these steps OR simply watch our video below for visual instruction:

A. Do not Machine wash or tumble dry your gloves or mittens in any circumstance.

B. Spot clean with cold water to remove any visible dirt or debris. If the glove is really dirty you may submerge in clean water with no detergent. Pull the glove back into shape and hang for drying. It is best to apply the wax when the leather is slightly damp, so let it dry a little       and then proceed to the next step

C. Apply your Nikwax Waterproofing wax for leather to the glove – paying special attention to the seams. It is suggested you apply the wax with some time until your next ride so that the wax can be absorbed and settled before you take them out again.

** please note that this wax will darken the appearance of the leather and so we recommend you test the wax on a small spot on your glove first such as the inner thumb so that you can review the result before applying to the whole glove.

D. Do not use Nikwax Waterproofing wax for leather on materials other than leather as this may clog or ruin the properties of fabric.

E. Dyed leather may bleed or transfer onto light surfaces. Take extra care with your glove when cleaning and waxing to not leave it or wear it with light coloured fabrics and surfaces to avoid this.

Download the Nikwax brochure here to see the full range of products they offer: CLICK HERE

2. Avoid Sharp Surfaces
Leather is like your skin and, as we all know skin + sharp objects do not get along. When carrying your gear to and from the car or grabbing it from the gondola always be conscious of sharp edges. Protect your gloves like you would your hand and always be careful when handling your skis and boards.

3. Avoid the Heat
Our gloves and mittens like the cold – and take a particular dislike to the heater in your drying room. Do not leave your gloves for extended periods of time exposed to intense heat. This can cause a breakdown in materials plus shrinkage, burning and distortion.

4. After Riding Care
Always air out your gloves after every use. This keeps the inside fresh for as long as possible and avoids moisture getting trapped on the inside causing material degradation and a possible stink. Do not store the glove in your backpack overnight especially if the outer shell is wet. If you have especially sweaty hands, a light dusting of baby powder on your hand before inserting them into the glove will help absorb any smells.

5. Storage
If your gloves go long periods between use, make sure you think about where to store them during those hot, humid, non pow months. As well as goggles make sure your gloves are stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Chuck a moisture absorbing satchel or pouch in with your gear if you are worried about excess humidity in your home country.


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